K7ICU/R is currently off the air and looking for a new home. Please contact K7ICU if you can provide a site with good coverage of the Tucson area.


The K7ICU repeater is located at the base of the Catalina Mountains at an elevation of about 2900 feet (AMSL). It is an open system providing good coverage to most of the greater Tucson area. The system is equipped with short-term battery backup power for operation during a utility power outage.

The system uses delayed/COS gated receive audio, reverse phase burst CTCSS (Motorola 120° phase shift), a CTCSS dropout timer and a squelch tail hang timer to eliminate squelch noises on most tone squelch enabled receivers. CTCSS is also not encoded during voice or CW ID and DTMF tones will not pass through the repeater. Use the DTMF Regenerate function (see DTMF Commands) if you need the repeater to output DTMF tones.

Predicted Coverage Plot

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DTMF Commands

Open NOAA Weather Receiver

Record & Playback
(Speak as soon as you hear "READY")
Close NOAA Weather Receiver

(Decodes 0-9, A-D, #, *)

Regenerate DTMF Tone(s)
(Use for DTMF paging, etc.)
System Block Diagram

Live Streaming Audio & Audio Archives

Several types of live audio streams are available from this Broadcastify feed.

MP3 audio recordings from the last 10 days are available in the Audio Archive.


James K7ICU